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Paranormal Investigations

Past Investigations

3/2/07    Private Investigation Regent Street, Cambridge.

23/2/07  Private Investigation, Cambridge.

24/3/07  Bolling Hall Bradford with Ghost-n-Spectres

5/4/07    Live interview 7.35am BBC Radio Peterborough

5/4/07    Live interview and investigation BBC Radio Cambridgeshire on air at 7.45am and 8.45am

20/4/07  Private Investigation, Cambridge
11/5/07  Private Investigation, Cambridge

25/5/07 Private investigation at Cambridge Corn Exchange. We believe this may well be the first full investigation to be held here!!

24/6/07 Dowsing investigation, Huntingdon

15/7/07 Live interview on Kerrang radio, Birmingham. On air between 10pm and 1 am we will be popping in and out of the studio during the show
Kerrang! 105.2FM in the West Midlands
Sky Digital, Freeview, NTL and TeleWest across the UK

20/7/07 Private investigation, Cambridge

3/8/07 Private investigation, Cambridge

25/8/07 The White Hart  Bythorn,  Cambs

21/9/07 Private investigation, Cambridge

12/10/07 Private investigation, Cambridge Corn Exchange

30/10/07-31/10/07 Investigation at The Golden Lion, St Ives. In Rooms 12,14 and 15. An overnight investigation with Tom and Emma from Q103's breakfast show. Then from 6am-10am on 31/10/07 live on air with Q103 discussing the vigil and any findings.

30/11/07  Private investigation, Cambridge

7/12/07    Private investigation, Cambridge


1/2/08   Private investigation Cambridge
16/2/08 Rothley Station, Loughborough with Shadow Seekers
23/2/08 Russells Residential  Cambridge
17/3/08 The Old Ferry Boat St Ives
27/3/08 Tudor house in Ipswich
28/3/08 Private investigation Cambridge
26/4/08 Private investigation Regent Street Cambridge
3/5/08   Coach and Horses Norwich
23/5/08 Talk and Presentation to a carers support group social event, Cambridge
26/5/08  Bell Hotel Thetford
31/5/08  Private house investigation Cambridge
June / July  Holiday Break
22/8/08  Private investigation Cambridge
6/9/08    Notts investigation with prepared2bescared
10/9/08  Talk and presentation Sue Ryder Ipswich
13/9/08  West Midlands Church canceled ...big thanks to the team who done this to us
20/9/08 Kelveden Hatch Secret Nuclear bunker with Norwich Paranormal Experience Group
31/10/08 Strada Trinity Street Cambridge
1/11/08   Private house investigation Cambridge
13/12/08 Private house investigation Cambridge
20/12/08 Strada Trinity Street Cambridge


9/1/09    Private investigation Cambridge

14/3/09  Peterborough Museum with  NPEG

26/4/09  Mystic Cafe, Royal Cambridge Hotel Cambridge 11am-5pm free entry
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9/5/09   Castle Rising West Norfolk with NPEG

23/5/09  Galleries of Justice with  NPEG

30/5/09   Secret Bunker Essex with NPEG

6/6/09    Landguard Fort Suffolk

13/6/09   Private investigation Norfolk

4/7/09     Private investigation

7/7/09    Talk at Borders Bookshop 12/13  Market  Street  Cambridge  7pm

25/7/09  Peterborough Museum  with NPEG

1/8/09    Redoubt Fort Harwich

15/8/09  Rendlesham Forest

22/8/09  Languard Fort  Suffolk

5/9/09    Tudor Rose Hotel  Kings Lynn Suffolk

11/9/09  Private investigation Cambridge

19/9/09  Denny Abbey  Cambridgeshire

23/10/09 Venue TBC

31/10/09 Venue TBC

21/11/09  Derby Royal Infirmary

28/11/09  Peterborough Museum