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Great St. Mary's, The Lost Church


A place worth a visit during the day just to see the amount of work Bob has carried out here , as for investigations what a lively place although I must admit we got more in the grounds than in the church. A strong link with Mathew Hopkins was picked up not actually him but people who had been murdered by him and mentioning his name a daughter was searching for her mother both the victims of Hopkins and bob had found a witch buried in un consecrated ground in the front on the church and he moved her into consecrated ground was this who the daughter was searching for!!

A group of men not buried in or connected to the church but said they had been thrown along with other villagers into a pit full of burning hay about 2 miles away, a long bowman was seen walking the grounds and a woman was searching for a ring she had dropped. Six soldiers carrying a coffin into the church and inside two people who had been married there and were still very happy and together in death.   

More reports and trips to follow