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Rothley Station, Loughborough

Well to say it was cold would be an understatement at one stage Ade got an air temperature reading of -11 and a ground temperature reading of -19!!!

The most active area of the night was on the tracks while Rich, Craig from Rothley and some of the Shadow Seekers team were investigating a couple of the carriages Tim, Jen and Ade investigated the tracked area (our other two members Andrea and Laura had been split into another group).Firstly we heard footsteps approaching from the station walking on the gravel we thought the others had exited on of the carriages but there was no one there but there is an abundance of wildlife around the track area.Tim picked up the residual energy of two children lying on the tracks and Jen got the name Molly. Moving back towards the station we stopped at the site of the old signal box and ade picked up on a man wearing a black donkey jacket.

After a break  we investigated the steps as we climbed  the steps Ade got the feeling of a woman in a long dress  holding the dress up as she climbed  but she only seemed to make  it three quarters of the way up!. A few noises were heard and Ade went to the bottom of the stairs where he heard a knock Rich took a still picture in the area of the knock and there is an orb in the picture.

We moved into the ticket office where one of the Shadow Seekers team  got a name but we found it quite flat. During a break Tim was given a date which he repeated a couple of times "1898", "1898" he then asked his guide what significance this date held "It's when it was built" he was told we checked the date out with Craig and it was spot on, well done Tim. After the break Andrea and Laura  joined  up with us again  (yay)  and we investigated the waiting  room  it may of been  because of what happened in there earlier but once again  there was little activity in there.We filmed our selfs staring into the mirror with some startling effects. We then held a large  seance in the waiting room and carried out some glass divination but with little response.During this Tim and Laura  went back  to the steps  and while they  were sitting on them Laura  spotted  a face staring up at them from the bottom they went to investigate but once again there was no one there.

An interesting night and a big thanks to Craig from Northants Paranormal team And to all at Shadow Seekers.