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Regent Street, Cambridge

Report on private investigation Regent Street Cambridge 3/2/07 

A guest became very upset in the basement and had to leave, she said that someone was locked in the basement as a punishment! We followed this up and got the names Linda or Laura, who was employed as a nanny and was looking after two children. The children died of a disease whilst in her care and her employers blamed her and locked her in the basement as punishment. We are not sure if she died in the basement but she said she came back as a spirit to look after the children, this could do with further investigation.
We also kept getting a strong smell of B.O followed by an old type of perfume in the basement, upstairs at one stage something ran past a guest in the corridor of the anti room and set off the alarm on the webcam. We also got a very over powering smell of what we can only describe as soiled nappies, it was so strong that we actually felt sick. Ade also got the name Toby upstairs and when asked at the table it was said to be a pet cat, we believe this to be still running around!
We did not tell Tim anything about the building and he got the sense of paper being pulled or moved also of people getting tripped or pushed, he came up with the surname Harris or Harrison  and a male with black hair, while he was looking out of the window got lots of first World War soldiers dressed in green on the back of flat back lorries heading towards the city centre in some kind of parade. He sensed an old lady in the basement which probably explains the smells as perfume was heavily used to try to hide the B.O.

Investigation on 23/2/08

This was a going to be different from the start as our medium Tim was unavailable and Rich was also busy which left Ade,Jen,Andrea and Laura. Nevertheless it turned out to be a very interesting investigation with a good number of staff and guests turning up.
They started glass divination and almost immediately got results contacting a George who used to run a brothel and an Emma who worked for him, as the investigation progressed Emma seemed to be the gateway for other spirits to come forward and they seemed to be queuing up throughout the investigation.Some names were given and some only gave their sex and age.
The good thing about the investigation was that the group at the table kept the glass divination going the whole time and this allowed the rest of us to investigate the rest of the building while they fed us information and guided us to active areas of the building.
The next name they got at the table was Elspeth who said she used to be the governess not sure of the dates though, the strange thing was at the same time they got this name we were investigating the cellar and one of the team got the letter L and another got the name Elspeth. She seems to be in the cellar most of the time (in fact her remains may still be there) and she may be linked to the spirit of a woman we picked up on during our last investigation once again we also got the aroma of roses or Violets. Elspeth said she was the governess of two children who also came forward giving their names as Freddie and Jane aged three and five once again they seemed to be more active in the top of the building which may have been the nursery, although nothing was picked up on the webcams we did get the strong aroma of Ammonia  (urine)  on a couple of occasions.
One of the highlights of the evening was when an ex work partner called Tony came forward, we think he passed around eight years ago.He answered questions that only he would know and when the team switched from the glass to the planchette  he wrote what appears to be his name.
Other names received were a Henry, Lydia and a thirty two year old male but that was the only information. A man called Pablo came forward who knew two of the women sat at the table he passed around nine months ago and would only respond in Spanish.
After most of the staff and guests had left Jen,Andrea,Laura and Rachel  held a seance in the cellar,  there was responsive knocking and once again they made contact with Elspeth,  As the team held hands their hands  would rise into the air as if they were being pushed up!.
Thank you to everyone at Russell Residential for another interesting investigation and we hope to visit again in the future, if anyone has anything to add to this report please email  it to us.