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What is psychic protection

There are various prayers and procedures you can do before you start an investigation, but can what you say actually have an impact on what happens on your investigation?

Ade's views on psychic protection

I just wait and see what comes

Jen's views on psychic protection

Having spent a fascinating night at Bolling Hall in Bradford at the weekend the team were very pleased to be introduced to Ghost ‘n’ spectres’ new medium Phil; he was kind enough to give us a lot of his time in which to enjoy paranormal discussions on everything and anything we cared to talk about – many thanks for that, Phil.

Amongst the variety of topics we discussed was the whys and wherefores of using protection before carrying out a séance. 

Speaking from my “sceptical believer” viewpoint (forgive me for that, it’s not meant to sound pretentious, it just means that I believe I may have the ability to develop certain sensitive skills, but for whatever reason have not yet explored that possibility and that I tend to look for logical answers to certain phenomena that I have come across during investigations, yet try not always to discount the paranormal explanation!).

Back to the topic – my own opinion for what it’s worth is that the use of protection by a medium goes a long way to giving the assurance from a qualified perspective that nothing bad or even dangerous is likely to happen to anyone personally when joining the séance.  It also helps if there are people present in the circle that are very new to this sort of thing and may stop them actually running away or screaming in fright!  Which tends to bring proceedings to a nasty halt.

However Phil’s opinion is that unless everyone, especially the medium! believes one hundred per cent in the so-called protection it will not be of any use as that nagging bit of doubt will allow a spirit to come through anyway.  But if the medium in question is convincing enough surely that will hardly matter as long as everyone remains comfortably in the circle.

However I do have some reservations on “closing” a session, where the medium thanks the spirits and asks them please to remain whilst the living make their exit.  We had an episode during a recent investigation in Cambridge in which our medium began the closing only to be confronted by a powerful spirit who let him know in no uncertain terms that he was far from finished with us and firmly asked the circle (through our medium) to remain and continue.  Very freaky!  To me it felt like an electric shock to the system where I was calmly imagining my protective wall building around us only to be shattered when our medium almost staggered under the sheer weight of this presence.

And I am a sceptical believer?

Richard's views on psychic protection

Not enough experience of psychic protection, so no comments.

Tim's views on psychic protection

I am incredibly lucky in the respect that my spirit guide will only allow certain spirits and energies to come through to me.

Before we start an investigation, when I open myself up, I ask for my guide to keep me safe and only let through what I can phsyically and mentally control.

I do offer protection when we start an investigation, however I do believe that you have to trust 100% in it for it to have the desired effect.

If the spirit is of a negative persuasion, they will feed of your fear. You need to believe in it totally for it to be effective.

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