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Peterborough Museum, Peterborough

We have visited the museum on five occasions now and as is usual with this building it can be really active or the opposite although i canít recall having a completely flat night there, the main areas that we have had activity are on the second floor in the small oval room on our last visit there Ade picked up on a wealthy man pacing the floor holding a cigar and a drink and he told ade he was waiting to see a surgeon as his son was there with a shrapnel wound to the left side of his head upon talking to the manager at the end of the night we found out that room was the surgeons consultation room when the building was used as a hospital during the first world war. Also during the same investigation in the room Sarah felt someone behind her and Ade saw a man with long straggly hair and about two teeth in his head and he reminded Ade of one of the characters from th programme Sharpe and he made what he had in mind for Sarah very clear but we left before anything else happened and no doubt left a very frustrated spirit behind, there was also what appeared to be the spirit of a tramp hanging around the room but he said he had only come in to warm up. 

Moving down a floor first to the Gallery, we have normally had a non-active time in here but the night that Helen and i decided to go in there on our own was different, we were sat in the furthest part of the gallery where the was an exhibition of photographs and we were just chatting and calling out now and then when there was a noise to our left and upon investigating there was a photograph lying on the floor which had fallen off the wall and we had been informed that they were not fixed that securely and one or two could fall off so we put it down to that. We moved back to where we were sitting before and thought we would ask for another to drop just to see if we got a reaction and almost immediately one dropped in front of us...another bad fixing!!! So we asked again and this time one didn't just drop it actually came away form the wall by a few inches and then fell followed by another, at this stage i panicked remembering there were expensive Turners hanging in the next part of the galley and i didn't fancy having to explain that one.

Now into what was the kitchen, again nothing until our last visit with loads of knocks, cold spots and what seemed like a lot of coming and going, Jen felt like her hair was being brushed and at one stage a door opened on its own, this may of been the wind although it wasn't that windy out and the door wasn't that easy to open. The museum is shut for restoration now but we look forward to returning in 2012.