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If anyone has had any strange experiences, whether recent or in the past, drop us a line and we'll add it onto the section. We'll be writing things up for everyone to see, and you can pass your comments on - maybe you have an explanation or you think it's just plain weird....

From Bob

There have been a number of odd events in my life for which there are no explanations, resulting from these I cannot say that I am a sceptic.

The first was around 1960/61 and happened about 2000hrs on Halloween. I was living in Enfield and cycling along Bell Lane near Albany School, the weather was slightly misty and chilly. Suddenly I noticed something coming towards me on my side of the road, as it closed I could see that it was an old style coach pulled by four horses with the driver atop his box. As it drew ever nearer I realised that it appeared to be about a foot or so above the road and that apparition was making noise whatsoever. Just as I thought I was about to be run down I rode between the two pairs of horses, the driver on his box seemed not to have noticed me continuing to urge the team on. The front of the coach passed me and I had fleeting glimpses of passengers in what might have been Georgian style dress inside the passenger compartment. Just as suddenly as this experience began it was then over. I stopped and turned to look behind me in the direction the coach was travelling – there was nothing to see and no evidence except in my mind that anything untoward had happened.

Subsequent research shed some light on historical facts, the coach was on a West to East route and that there had indeed been a regular stage route to Colchester and Harwich along Hoe Lane and then into Bell Lane towards the River Lea where there was a fording point. Enquiries made by the editor of the local Enfield Gazette revealed that a small number of readers had also shed the same experience, not in the exact same location but along the Hoe Lane/Bell Lane route.

Some years on whilst at work in the late evening where I was totally on my own I felt a light double tap on my shoulder. Turning to see who was there I was a little surprised to find nobody there. Some twenty minutes later there was a further tap on my shoulder, yet again I was completely alone. Nothing further happened for several years. One night again I was alone at work, secure in the knowledge that there was nobody else in the premises as all the doors were locked and windows shut when I sensed that I was not alone. I looked round, nobody behind me so I checked the office and found nothing out of the ordinary. By now I was certain that I was not alone but there was nothing that showed otherwise, it was just a feeling, that’s all. I was not frightened, in fact I felt quite calm and reassured by this feeling.

This was the first time that this had happened but it has recurred many tims since then, not only in places where I have been alone but public, busy places too. Determined to discover what might be happening I spoke to a close friend in confidence whom I knew had experienced some similar things. She suggested that I speak with a trusted friend, which I did a few weeks later and was told that the tap on the shoulder was my late mother reassuring that things were OK (I was then going through a very difficult period in my personal life) and that she was watching over me.

I feel that there are other invisible people around in many instances, particularly at a certain racing circuit, anything up to about ten or twelve sometimes are felt. These are all very good, late friends and it is a beautiful feeling that they are there with me.

In recent years we moved abroad and now live in a house which is over four hundred years old, no I have not seen or heard anything untoward there! I do, however, often smell burning tobacco (neither of us smoke) usually reminiscent of Golden Virginia brand which my late father always used. Again it is not disturbing but reassuring for me.

These are just some of my experiences over the last fifty years or so ...

From Sandy

Happened on thursday . I was at a job as i do breaking locks on temp flats .

We arrived at the job and we got to the door and when i got there i noticed that i had left the hammer in the van and went back to get it.

Came back and forced the lock as i did so i heard a childs giggle in the house although we knew it was empty the caseworker never heard it . So i proceeded to force the lock as i opened the door i heard a female voice say "hold on " and the child giggle once more. I said i think there is somebody in the house the caseworker said no way so i went upstairs to check nothing she went downstairs (sorry its a split level house with door on the middle landing) .

I went back to fix the lock on the door the caseworker came downstairs saying let me out quick there is a strange creepy feeling in this house i said i feel it too and heard voices to which we were rather shocked at this strange set of affairs .

More facts.

I had no way of knowing that the last tenant was was a single female with a child or until i broke the door in that a child had been in the house yet the strong smell of baby milk was there overpowering it was too.

I cannot work this out and how come the house frightened my colleague so much.

Strang fact my grandmother had the gift and within our family it is known for some of us to have these things as i told you before .


A couple from moniaalien

My history-begun 29.02.2004 at about 8pm. At the time that happened, my knowledge about ghosts was none. As I was sitting in my room. I felt something strange. A feeling, which I didn't know before. Led by this strange force I sat on the floor. With my heart and soul I sensed the energy and a person. I didn't see the persons face, but I felt its presence. My eyes started to flutter (Rapid Eye Movement) and I felt cold wind on my skin. I was scared. The cold was getting stronger and my mind wasn't clear. I felt someone is behind me, this person wanted to show me something. With my eyes closed I saw darkness, and a picture getting closer to my eyes. It was a desert, the sun, which shone upon and it was so bright, it blinded me. Suddenly my hands started to be warm, very warm, hot. The feeling was like a fire burning in my hands. The warm energy spread all over my body, but my hands remained "burning", and even it hurt a little bit. I couldn't stand the bright sun shining on my eyes, I started to cry. I felt sad, miserable, my heart started to hurt, like if my soul would be in a spiritual pain. In front of my (closed) eyes I saw on the desert the person, I recognized that the person was that, which stood behind me. The person gave me his hand and wanted me to come with him (it was a man). I refused to go. The person smiled and went alone in the light, and in that moment the pain left my heart. I felt a relief. After about 15 minutes the telephone rung. My aunt called to say, that about 10 minutes ago my uncle died...

I don't know what was this event. Maybe the ghost of my dying uncle wanted to contact me in the moment of death. I suppose, that's the best explanation for that. I always been interested in such stuff, but from this day I started to look for an explanation of this event. I read many books, but finally I found some books about ghosts. Then I matched the facts from my life to the spiritual stories and actions, which ghosts took. The similarity was astonishing. The example I wrote is just one of many mysterious events from my life, so don't think I'm exaggerating things.

Another one

My friend who has a massage place, is my neighbour, she knows im interested in ghosts so she asked me to go and check one of the rooms inside of the building. As she claimed she saw a ghost in there. To be honest, I do believe in ghosts in the area which I live, because since I live there 3 person died in there, 1 was murdered. I knew the person who was murdered; he died on the street next to this building which Im talking about. So...I went into the room, I wasn't expecting nothing, I was rather sceptic. And than in one second I was overwhelmed by a feeling so strong which I couldn't imagine. I felt the presence of 2 spirits.

One of then was a woman, she was sitting in the corner of the room, I felt her aura, she wasn't dangerous. Another spirit, was the spirit of the murdered man. You will ask yourself now how did I know that well...this spirit, showed me the moment of hid death. In one moment I went in some kind of trance and experienced the death of this man. I felt his pain, felt the feeling of being dragged on "the other side". It was incredible and incredibly scary. I started loosing my breath I felt dying, which wasn't a pleasant feeling. I saw the people around and ambulance. And in a second everything disappeared, went black, and I came out of the trance. It was so amazing and so scary in the same time. After coming out of the room I prayed for this poor soul, because I know the story of this murder, and I know this soul will not rest for a long time. I hope in the near future I will be able to trace in that building much more, and experience much more, I hope the ghosts in there will be willing to show me something more. For all you readers hope u gain something from this story as much as I am learning through the experiences of other people. Thank u for being able to share my thought in here.

From Neil Reynolds

Does anyone have any experience of coloured lights.

Some time ago (maybe a year) myself and my wife both experienced a strange
phenomina whilst in bed in the early hours.

We both sensed a prescence and or felt restricted of movement in some way.
Also both saw intermittent flashing coloured lights. I felt these lights
were around us and underneath the bed clothes. almost like glitter being
sprinkled if that makes any sense.

I have heard this kind of thing associated with sleep paralysis. The strange
thing is we discussed the experience in the morning and had seen and felt
the exact same thing. Surely two people would not experience sleep paralysis
on the same time frame with the same visual phenomina ?
Have you heard of this kind of thing before ?

Not connected but about 5 years ago we liived in a Flat close by and I was
sure there was a presence there. One night I left a picture frame by the
bed and was throwing it out the next day. I was in light sleep but saw
something at the end of the bed that I think was a coat , it was in mid air
but not moving in any way just stationary. I was suddenly extremely
frightened and jumped out of bed very quickly. The left side of my body was
still asleep and as I stepped my leg gave way. This in turn through my right
side forward and I put my knee through the glass picture frame. Of course my
wife was frightened and turned on the light to discover my knee gushing
blood like you've never seen. We went to Accident and Emergency and I had
two lacerations. One was to the bone. I saw my own knee cap. I had several
anesthetic injections to kill the pain and I watched the doctor put 10
stitches in.

Postcript , we discovered that the previous owner had sold the property
because his Teenage son had comitted suicide in the Flat. I rather fancy it
was in the bedroom. Funny the estate agent didn't mention this fact to us !

We sold the flat in 2003 and it has since been sold on three further
ocasions , (Land registry data via the internet).


Neil Reynolds

From Lawrence

A few of my own experiences for you.just a few of many strange and paranormal experiences I've had over the years.
I moved to Cambridge about 17years ago now.before that I lived in my native Birmingham on a council estate called castle vale.
It was one of those estates built in the mid sixties and was built on an old airfield/airdrome called castle bromwich airdrome(quite a famous place to those in the know about world war 2 belive).
when i was growing up there in the 1970s no end of people used to tell me stories of ghosts of dead airmen turning up in their house at all times of the day or night. Had no experience of it myself but one remembrance Sunday(I'd moved to Cambridge by then)my mother was cooking the dinner and the dog started howling & whinning.she turned around to see the ghost of an airman standing right behind her.
A strange thing did happen around 1987.not so much paranormal as sci-fi.autumn was turning into was somewhere around 8 to 8.30 on the evening.I was watching TV and went into the kitchen for a snack to eat.I had an habit of automatically looking out the kitchen window as soon as I went in there.there was a hell of a lot of crime on the estate by then and it was just to see if anybody was knocking about.anyway,as I looked through the window a fog was got really thick & dense very quickly so much so there was no visibility at soon as the fog had settled this noise started up.
It's hard to describe it as I've never heard anything like it before or was like a cross between a giant factory and seemed to be coming from a distance away but seemed like it was all around you were in the middle of it.
It went on for about an hour and the longer it went on the more scary it was you were in a film and that anything could happen.a very scary feeling of dread.
The noise went on for about an hour then just stopped as quick as it had started and the fog completely lifted.this wasn't even a one-off though because the following night EXACTLY THE SAME THING happened again but never again after that.
it seems like it was all a distant dream now and that it didn't really happen at all but my sister used to live in an adjoining area to us about three miles away at the time and she had the same experience   as well.her children(who were only young at the time)were so scared they hid in a cupboard underneath the stairs.never heard an explanation for any of it off anyone.
 all around that vicinity there was a lot of strange phenomena.
about a mile or so from the estate there an old manor house called bradford hall and it's grounds(formley owned by lady bradford a few centuries ago).back in the mid sixties when we were kids our dad used to take us to this bradford hall occasionally on a Sunday was pretty unspoiled then with bluebell woods and suchlike.i remember some green pond with an old stage coach wheel still stuck in it.a lot of this disappeared when they later built the M6 motorway through it and later still a big council estate over the back but some of the grounds are still there now.
in the grounds was some big mound/hill called "pimple hill"(which is still there now as well).we used to stand on the top of it and look out over on to castle bromwich airdrome(this is before they built the castle vale estate on it).it was only years later when i got a computer that i found out pimple hill is actually an anglo-saxon burial mound!.
anyway,bradford hall then(and still is now i belive)is used as council offices(or parts of downstairs are).we got in there one sunday(the door was just unlocked)and had a good look round.upstairs we looked in the bedrooms(mostly empty).i remember having this horrible feeling like something was pushing down on me.i felt sick & nauseous and just wanted to get out of there.i knew there were things in there even at that early age.i could "feel" them in there.
on a sidenote-my friends dad was cycling past bradford hall late one evening on his way own from work and a procession of ghostly monks crossed the road in front of him.a lot of people have had strange experiences with the place

German shock by lenskined

OK here's my recolection.In 1989 I was a serving soldier in Germany(sennelager).I was on stable duty's and I was up in the hayloft filling the haynets,as I was doing so I saw outof the corner of my eye a movement.At first I thought it was one of the other lads,so turned to speak.However as I turned I was fully aweare that it was not one of the other lads it was a wwII German"SS"oficer in full dress uniform,Hanging from the king truss!
Then like a jumpy film the image dissapered. I then went down stairs to speak to my Sgt'(up until this piont apart from knowing I was in Germany I knew nothing about the area I was in).Steve,my Sgt,told me that HE too had had a very simlar experiance in the past then ordered all of us not to use the loft and to move all remaining hay out.
Whilst he was giving this order,from upstairs came the sound of a door(which was made of steel and WAS LOCKED)open then close followed by the sound of hard heeled boots walking through the loft.
It turns out that the German"SS" used this area as their main base and trainning area and a German oficer Had took his own life in that building! I dont know if the oficers name was found out but it put the shivers into a few "HARD" soldiers.

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