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Please note

We would just like to state that our investigations at the Guildhall do not represent anything to do with Cambridge City Council.

The Guildhall, Cambridge

We will add more to this report the more we investigate the property.

Whilst in the Large hall there was a very rancid smell of vomit that all the team could smell. Within a couple of minutes the smell had completely disappeared! Whilst Tim was attempting scrying a large orb was seen to fly past the screen. We heard dragging noises in the cells and played loud rock musicto try and encourage things, but the spirits do not seem to be into that, maybe we will try classical next time!

Once again we heard noises from behind the curtains in the Large Hall and this turned out to be the most active part of the building although the old cells are still the most spookiest.

Members Room
Someone seemed to be following Rob and Tim from chair to chair.

Committee Room
Paul got the name Alistaire Munroe (name being investigated) he was wearing pinstripe trousers and a white shirt with ruffles, he had a gaunt face and black hair.

Paul sensed 2 men in the corridor.

Council Chamber
Tim got the name William Moore (name being investigated)

Interview Room / Cells
Cynical man in a green suit who seemed to rush at the group of investigators this is the second encounter with this person.

Court Room
Tim sensed what seemed to be a leper crawling across the floor!!

Large Hall

Chairs had been set out in the hall for a meeting, a small girl was sensed sitting in the front row swinging her legs to and fro. She was later sensed again and her name was Ezmay or Esme aged 8-10 with pigtails. She held an investigators hand and tugged at another investigators shirt.

She was sensed again later in the night along with a boy named Elliott and an older woman (maybe mother) named Charlotte.

An orchestra was heard playing in the large hall  and a strong smell of bananas sensed.

While setting up webcams on the stage Ade heard footsteps come from behind the stage and into the hall they then walked onto the stage and past Ade, glad to say he didn't panic and just carried on setting up the Equipment. 

We welcomed  John,Sandie,Mike,Nadine and Dawn along for this Investigation.

Court Room

John got the name Peter Worth  and a Judge Deakin,  Dawn  got the image of a fire in a wooden building.


There was a lot of activity with the planchette,  we picked up on a suicide  and got a loud choking sound, John got the image of  a cleaner with a mop, he  seemed punch drunk and had a broken nose.

Unison room

A few  orbs were seen, a female librarian and the name Victoria were picked up.

Large Hall

Once again this was very active, there seemed to be a band playing "In the mood" With American airmen on one side of the hall and British airman on the other. Nadine got the name Chris Jenkins who may of been American and looking for his pregnant girlfriend although he was not sure if the baby was his. This may link to something that Tims group picked up on later in the investigation we are checking some history and will report back on this.

At one stage there seemed to be a white mist behind Ade on the stage and footsteps were heard walking across the stage, Sandie heard the words "There will be no wallflowers on my shift".

Reports on investigations held on 30/11/07 – 7/12/07
Seeing as these two investigations were held so close together we have decided to post both reports at the same time

The large hall
On both occasions we were getting large amounts of knocks and bangs. On one of these occasions it was very windy and on further investigation we discovered four extractor fans situated in the top corners of the hall these were opening and closing due to the gusty conditions, this however does not explain the amount of doors that were slamming in the building.

During glass divination we felt strong breezes moving across the tabletop and there were strong glass movements in the direction that the spirits said they were standing. Once again we got the name George.

Members room
The glass was also moving strongly and breezes were felt, there were also knocks coming from different areas of the room. A man came forward who said he was from Huntingdon and that he used to visit the Guildhall between 1943 and 1948 but no name was given.

A large amount of knocks and bangs and at one stage when there were only two people in the room there was an extremely loud bang next to them sounding as though something had either been thrown or someone had banged very hard on one of the nearby benches.

There were sharp temperature fluctuations on both occasions.

Cells / Interview room
It felt like the atmosphere was charging up waiting for something to happen, footsteps and dragging noises were heard and a few people started complaining of headaches.

The name Sir Robert McCaul /Mc Call or Mc Coll was picked up along with the dates 1857 – 1859 and although he wasn’t  “sent down” it appears that his partner was but no name came forward for this person.

More to follow

Independant report

This is a report from an investigation in which 3 people joined us on at the Guildhall, 2 of them were believers but one wasn't sure.. until that night!

'From the glass divination in council chamber we established we were
talking to a male, with black hair, no beard or moustache, we asked when
he was around, about 150 years ago. we asked if his picture was in the
Members room, he said yes, we asked where and he said on left hand

went to members room and came to a portrait of a Thomas Hovell who
fitted the description perfectly!
did the glass divination in there too and seemed to confirm that Thomas had
followed us there...

Also when doing glass divination in the Council Chamber, me and kathryn felt very
cold- maybe just spooked... but was eerie. and Kathryn thought she saw
something move across her eyeline and when we asked the figure where he
was the glass made a beeline to the corner of the room to the Mayors

In a cell Kathryn felt her chair move on two occasions when doing glass
divination though not much else seemed to happen down there'.


This is best viewed full screen orb moves from left to right between Tims face and the mirror - To view click here

Guildhall  Moving Chair - To view click here

Voice caught on camcorder,after we ask to spell the next letter out 2 words are whispered - To view click here

Basement Room - Bangs and Noises - To view click here

Tourist Information - Responsive knocking - To view click here

Glass Divination - To view click here


To view the photos and videos caught on the locked off webcams click here.