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The Golden Lion, St. Ives


Investigation carried out on 30/10/07 - 31/10/07   with Emma, Greg and Tom from Q103.

For this investigation we had rooms 12,14 and 15 we were using 15 as a hub. We tried both glass divination and the planchette but got little response from both although there were some cold breezes blowing across our hands during the glass divination and some slight movement. We picked up someone who had a head injury and a couple of us got severe headaches during this.

Although cold spots were felt the temperature stayed the same throughout. In room 14 Tim felt the presence of a woman we are still checking the details of this and will post them at a later date. We got responsive knocking throughout the night in rooms 12 and 14 but nothing was picked up on any of the webcams or camcorders.As we sat in room 15 during a break the bathroom door opened and closed on it's own.

Tim also picked up residual energy from room 14 of being awoken in the middle of the night to see a figure sitting at the end of the bed, he wasn't sure if the figure was male or female, but the residual energy was eminating very strongly.

More to follow

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