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Glass divination

Using a glass top down with two or more people's fingers lightly pressed upon, then ask for spirit to make communication, spinning yes for one way and no for the other.

Is this really a spirit or can this movement be attributed to our own subconscious?

Ade's views on glass divination

I tend to try and avoid glass divination if i can but the trouble is when we are taking groups round it will be the first time for most of them and when the glass starts to move they really get hooked and it can be hard to get them away  to try and do something else.
One thing i will admit to is that i have found myself  moving the glass and now if i think there is the slightest chance that i  may be moving it  i stop  there and then.

Jens's views on glass divination

My feelings on the use of glass divination have definitely changed over the years I have been with the WTFWT team.  On our first few vigils we were using the glass as a major tool in trying to contact spirits and were very successful in achieving a lot of  movement in response to questions.

However over a period of time I have come to mistrust the glass movement, it is so, so easy to become swept up in a highly charged atmosphere and I feel sure that the mind is most capable of  tricking a person into believing an outside force is present but what is actually happening is the person is subconsciously "pushing" the glass without realising it.  Closer inspection of some of our older footage reveals that this was indeed occurring in some instances although the people were entirely unaware that they may have been doing it themselves.

These days if I do participate in divination I tend to remove myself as soon as the movement begins and encourage people in turn to take their hands away.  It then becomes apparent if the glass continues merrily along or comes to a sudden halt!

Richard's views on glass divination

In my experience we seem to get most results from glass divination.

Tim's view on glass divination

As I am the medium for the WTFWT team, I tend to stay clear of the glass divination side of events for two main resons.

1, it would be too easy for fellow investigators to jump to conclusions that I am pushing it if I am communicating with spirit/s.

2, having a finger on the glass makes my arm ache! :)

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