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What is EVP

Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) is a term used by paranormal investigators to refer to voices or voice-like sounds, of alleged paranormal origin, heard or captured on recorded media or through other electronic devices. Examples of purported EVP are typically short, usually the length of a word or short phrase, although longer segments have also been reported

Paranormal explanations for EVP include communication from discarnate entities, psychic projections from EVP researchers, and communication from alien or trans-dimensional beings. Natural explanations include cross modulation or interference from nearby radio sources or random noise mistakenly perceived as voices due to pareidolia, the human propensity to find familiar patterns amongst random stimuli.

The term electronic voice phenomenon was coined by publishing company Colin Smythe Ltd in the early 1970s.  Previously the phenomena had been known as “Raudive Voices” after Dr. Konstantin Raudive, whose 1970 book Breakthrough brought the subject to a wider public audience.  Since then references to EVP have appeared in pop culture such as in the Reality TV show Ghost Hunters, the fictional Supernatural and the Hollywood films White Noise and The Sixth Sense. EVP has also been referred to as Anomalous Speech Products, or ASP.

There is an urban legend that American inventor Thomas Edison was the first EVP researcher.  In the 1920s, he told a reporter with scientific American that he was working on a machine that could contact the dead, and the story was printed in many newspapers. A few years later, Edison announced that he had been making a joke at the reporter's expense, and that he had not been working on such a device.

Though Edison was not working on such a device, others have so attempted, published books or articles on the subject, or have founded organizations to promote EVP

Ade's views on EVP

We seem to be picking up some excellent voices lately and i know they have not come from any of the team. The weird thing is we don't hear them at the time and only when we play the tapes back do we pick them up.
To try and make sure we don't miss anything we play the footage back on a wide screen television and at least three of us watch it at the same time so if someone misses something another may pick it up.With the quality of the EVP's we have captured to date and some of the feedback we have received  from  independent scrutinisers  i am convinced they are sprit voices, what i don't know is if they are talking to us or we have somehow tapped in to some sort of loop and picked it up that way.

Jen's views on EVP

This for me is a relatively new encounter for the group.  We have over the years picked up some very strange sounds which might loosely be associated with EVP, however each time the noises were caught through our recording equipment, usually the camcorder or a dictaphone and not the traditional method of using “White noise” through a radio or television tuned in-between stations.  None of the sounds were heard at the time but only noticed after trawling through the footage afterwards.

We have caught some interesting voices or sounds which have given cause for some very lively debate amongst our team members in trying to translate the words.  Some of it to me doesn’t even sound English!  We have had sounds varying from those caught on camcorder, examples being the sound of singing or humming and a distant piano, through to some very strange voices or noise coming through on only one of our four walkie talkies.  This is odd in itself because in theory if it were picking up on some outside source, i.e. a passing taxicab, the other talkies should also have picked it up at the same time as they are all tuned to the same frequency.

We have also had a strange case whereby we were investigating a venue which contained a mixing desk, this appeared to suddenly switch itself on and produce some kind of static sounds through a set of headphones connected to the desk.  No one was standing anywhere near the piece of equipment and certainly no one had touched the dials.

When caught on tape, as the above examples all are, this is truly a fascinating phenomena and I would love to get the chance to experience more.

Richard's views on EVP

No comments to add.

Tim's views on EVP

EVP is a very difficult subject. There are pluses and minuses to it, much like everything else in the paranormal field. If any EVP is successfully captured, it could be classed as radio interference etc.. I have heard stories of people who have studied EVP for years and it has evenutally turned them insane.

I think you need to be very careful when dealing with this and we only use it as a small portion of our investigations.

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