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Paranormal Investigations


All of our equipment is protect by Smartwater

Below is a list of all the equipment we use on our investigations.

Click here to see a guide on equipment, what each piece does and how we use it.

3x  Laptops with active webcam motion sensor software 2x MSI- Star Clip Infrared Webcams Ladybird Nightvision Webcam


2x Sony Camcorders  with Infrared Fitting & Rode DVCam directional condenser microphone 2x Laser Thermometers 4in1 Multi Function Environment Meter


Electrosensor EMF Meter Gauss Master EMF Meter 4x Clarke Mobile Radios

Dowsing Rods  3 Cell Infrared Maglite Beam Barrier Alarm

SuperEar Personal Sound Amplifier 2 Peli VersaBrite Lights  

2x Digital Cameras
5x Cassette Recorders