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Please Note

We would just like to state that our investigations at the Corn Exchange do not represent anything to do with Cambridge City Council.

Corn Exchange, Cambridge

Carrying out this investigation were Tim, Jen, Richard and Ade.  We also had two guests, Melissa and Jon.  We started with the usual walk around, setting up webcams and trigger objects as we went round.  The hall was full of seats and a mixing desk was at one end and the stage had a large array of instruments on it.

We held our first seance in the St Johns Room where Tim got the name "Alan Warriner" who died aged 48 with some sort of head injury or brain haemorrhage and was involved in either hunting or poaching.

Also someone to do with maritime or a captain came forward.  We didn't get a name but he said "This is mine" as in the Corn Exchange and he said he did not approve of the kind of alcohol that was in the bar which made us think maybe he was a rum drinker!

On the stage Tim got the name Ernest Collingwood.  There was a large amount of loud banging and the odd footstep and while on the stage the mixing desk turned itself on giving out intermittent white noise on a couple of occasions.

The rest of the building seemed quiet with nothing showing on the webcams or from the digital cameras but on the camcorder footage we appear to have caught a woman's voice and someone humming.  See the Video section.  We are hoping to hold another investigation at this venue at some time in the future.