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Report on the Coach and Horses Bethel Street Norwich


The courtyard seemed to be the scene of many fights any hassle that kicked off was taken and finished in the courtyard

There is some form of German connection there were a group of three people that would frequent this area and hustle people for money as they were travelling through.

There was a strong sense of a tunnel in the courtyard and it leads into the back way of the pub.

Inside The Coach and Horses

At least four of the team got the feeling of a man getting badly burnt down the left side of their body and he seemed to be some kind of blacksmith.

There was someone called Harold associated with the part of the bar where the gents toilet is situated , he later revealed himself to be a highwaymen he had a dark and plain hood covering his face so that it looked like a shadow. He tried to be something he wasn't  he loved Celia but wanted her to fear him but often made himself seem better to her than he actually was. She came through in distress, whereas he was more "look at me" ....

Herman comes here, there was an attraction of being in the pub once a month, it was something to do with a game possibly backgammon, he still visits to this day often with a lady called Martha / Mary. He is an older gentleman in his seventies and there is no other reason he comes here but the game.  He keeps saying "I am champion" he loved this place and used to look forward to his "day of glory" in his words.

There is a gentleman who calls himself Mr Stewart / Stuart and he used to organise cock fights where people from the surrounding area would attend.  The cockfights would not have taken place in the pub but nearby.

There is a young girl who walks the area, possibly seven or eight and she is looking for her dad.  She was taken away by a group of men and disposed of.

There is a man in the main bar wearing a suit and a top hat and he has full facial hair also a woman wearing a high neck dress and has her hair in a bob style.

There is a deep feeling of being lost and looking for something, it seems that it is a person they are looking for rather than a possession, it seems to be more of a mother figure than a father figure.

There was a hanging nearby, it was to teach the locals a lesson, a man was caught having intimate relations with someone he shouldn't have and that caused some form of disagreement and he was hung to teach others not to do the same and to abide by the laws.

Early in the evening Tim picked up on a woman with the letter j as the initial of her first name and it seemed that she was punished for something she didn't do but took the blame for.  As always Tim did not disclose this to any of the team as we only talk about our findings in the debrief however later into the investigation Ade was by himself in the restaurant and felt the presence of a young woman.  Tim and Ade then held a seance together and Ade got the same story only he also got the name Josie or Josephine. Ade also got the feeling that she had been hung for something she hadn't done.

There seems to be some kind of monk connection, they were taking part in some kind of a procession and one was taken ill and taken to a place nearby and killed.

Finally Tim was given this

Dear Juliet

I miss you with the hearts of a thousand men,
I wish I could spend an eternity of loneliness in your arms
A waking breath and one touch of a lifeless corpse
That was this useless body
Is to become all that I have to give you
Brave my soul and forgive the watery limbs
For not arousing for when you arrive
I miss thy lips and wish to be with you always

It was signed but the signature is illegible

A big thanks to Anita and everyone at the Coach and Horses, we look forward to a return visit some day

Orb on table top next to candle click to enlarge
Spirit connection using a planchette