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Bolling Hall, Bradford

A very interesting building with lots of rooms to investigate we still have 4 hours of footage to look at at hope to have some video clips to add to the report. Once again we found a large amount of orbs on the still pictures but we feel most of these can be discounted, we have placed 3 pictures on the report 2 were in the same bedroom and are interesting because a picture was taken between the 2 pictures but the orbs are nearly in the same place.

Tim picked up on the names Thomas, Mark, Henry, George, John, Frances and Elizabeth during the investigation and while using a ouija board we got the initials JP which could have been a past resident John Pollard this person also told us to go away in no uncertain terms!! but as usual we carried on and the spirit seemed to settle down and we continued to enjoy contact for some time through the board.

The usual aromas of  stale body odour, vomit and ancient perfume were detected during the investigation. Ade has now cut down from using 2 dowsing rods to just 1 and seems to be getting some excellent results from this.  There appears to be more energy flowing through the 1 rod then there was from 2.  Hopefully this will grow stronger as we carry out more investigations.

Tim predicted on a seperate vigil at Bolling Hall, that the ouija board (supplied by Ghost n Spectres) would tell the team to leave in a very short and blunt term, this came true on a vigil later that night in which Tim was not using the ouija board or influencing the outcome.

We would like to thank Ghost n Spectres for an exciting and well organised evening and it was a pleasure to meet their medium Phil for the first time and we hope to link up with them all again in the near future.