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Paranormal Investigations


We only had around 45 minutes between interviews to carry out the investigation so the only equipment we took along was a single dowsing rod.

Back corridor by "way out"

Rod swung and pointed to r/h wall Both Tim and Ade sensed 2 children running around  1 aged 3 the other 7, Ade felt crowded and got the name Michael or Mickey for one of the children.  Tim felt the residual energy of the children was joyful and also got the name George in the corridor.

Gram room
This room felt colder to Ade and Tim felt hot and cold at the same time,  Ade got the words  Jim  are you okay  then Jen and Tim heard a  loud  bang or moan. Tim felt like he should leave and ade got a sharp head pain.

Both Tim and Ade got head rushes on the stairs and sensed a worried man pacing up and down.

Outside tv studio
More Pacing up and down and Ade got slurry speach and a pain down the left side

Radio studio
Seemed flat and quiet although Tim got the name Elizabeth during the last interview.