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Well i thought it was about time i started to write something, It's been a busy year for us as a group a lot has happened and i think we are going from strength to strength. We are picking more up and working better as a group as they say practice makes perfect.
I hope on this page to deal with the things that i practice and i suppose believe  in, i must admit when this group started i was a complete sceptic  but over the last few months i have started seeing things and experiencing things that i never thought i would like a short while back i walked into a local pub The Eagle and for a split second it was full of ww2 airmen!!!huh!!! any way the first thing i will deal with will be Dowsing ...i will return.

I first tried  dowsing rods in the early  nineties  it was a heritage open day at Pengersick castle in Cornwall,  we were in the main bedroom  and there were  some rods lying on an old oak settle  so i picked them up  held them out  to look like i knew what i was doing and they started going mental.
I suppose it was this that got me into the paranormal that and having a sister who was once a white witch before she became a Jehovah's  (never could get my head round the switch).  So when we formed  our group  it seemed natural for me to develop my dowsing skills more, i looked at rods on the market and they were around the 7-10 mark so next best thing wire cutters and a length of next doors fence. I have two pairs one about 12" long and the other 15" i have lent them to other people on investigations and they all say that the rods seem to be charged up, i suppose a bit like a battery and they say they can feel the energy running through them....strange.
I now find that i get the same same results from one rod as i used to with two i ask it to show me where spirits are  and it points the way  when i enter the  force field it moves from side to side and when i am in the force field it feels as though it is vibrating, of course if you were using two rods they would point apart when entering and cross when you are in the middle. Anyway thats me on dowsing  there are plenty of good books out there but the best way is just practice...I'm  sure everyone has the ability.
Next up am i becoming a believer, back soon.

Sceptic or Believer

I must admit i am becoming more of a believer with every investigation we carry out, i have started to see and hear things i never  thought i would when i first started investigating i should really change my profile to believer but i am probably having trouble admitting it!
As i said earlier i have seen a pub full of airmen i have had my hand held by the spirit of a small girl, something has blown in my ear and i have been pushed and had my clothes pulled on numerous occasions. A few months back i believe i saw a figure looking at me and smiling and was amazed that i was not in the least frightened or shocked .I'm not sure what is left to happen to me to finally convince me but i have a feeling it's going to happen really soon. When it does i will tell you.
I think i may deal with the studying of footage, sounds and photographs next.

Photographs and Footage

We capture our footage using camcorders and  webcams, we use Sony camcorders fitted with extra infrared lights and Rode directional microphones. We play the footage back on a television with at least three team members viewing it so that nothing is missed any interesting pieces of footage are logged and then edited on a computer using Pinnacle software any interesting EVPs are run through Adobe Audition or Sony sound forge  the footage is then put on an external hard drive ready for posting on the website.
The webcams are run on three laptops using Active Webcam software this allows the recording to start only when there is movement and means we don't have to sit through hours of footage to see if anything happens, once again at least three of us study the footage to make sure we don't miss anything. The footage is then edited the same way as the camcorders.
We use Olympus digital cameras for our stills, the pictures are then loaded onto the hard drive and then viewed the same way as the footage. Most of the pictures of orbs are deleted due to the obvious amounts of dust or insects about but we still find a few that are interesting. We will run the stills through some filters if necessary.


Well it's been ages, some of the team have gone and new members have arrived and a special welcome to Helen and Marisol who have injected some much needed energy into the team. So what else, new insurance and lots of new venues  including sole  rights to running paranormal nights at Chilford hall in Cambs and we are in Talks with another hall not to far away.

The 3 nighter at Chillingham Castle was a blast and we are back there in 2011 for another 3  action packed nights. Investigations have changed a bit now using locked off camcorders and just carrying  a digital camera and a digital Dictaphone so we will see how that goes.

Halloween at Chilford Hall was a fantastic night and with lots of positive feed back so we will look forward to staging more public events, 2011 looms and so does a new venture as we are teaming up with a new Paranormal group also based in Cambridge called Spritus Paranormal we will be operating under our own names but most of the years investigations will be joint as this means we will be able to afford the hire on more venues. We have a growing list of investigations planned for 2011 as well as our own group visiting Chillingham for a further 3 nights so all in all 2011 looks like a promising year.

With me it's getting weird as i seem to picking up more nearly every day and it's getting verified which makes me feel brilliant knowing i am not just imagining things, i got a really good pick up at Peterborough Museum which shocked a lot of people so lets see what 2011 brings shall we.

Wow Just realised we are now in 2013 and the last post was in 2011 talk about neglect but to be honest i have been so busy , i managed to do 35 investigations in 2012 some with WTFWT and some working as a medium for other teams and for event companies. My mediumship has got stronger so much so that i left work and started working for myself as a medium and i also have my own tarot reading company giving email tarots and one to one readings so why not get in touch The team still consists of the same 5 people and we are proud that we are still growing strong where other teams come and go..lots planned for this year and i promise to keep you updated